Heartland Home Mortgage, NMLS # 121569
6190 Kalamazoo Ave SE
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49508

With over 33 years combined experience in mortgage lending, Heartland Home Mortgage is a locally owned West-Michigan based lender offering conventional, FHA, VA, and portfolio loan products for both purchase and refinance loans. Our main goal is to maximize the financial benefit your home’s equity can provide you, by reducing your monthly payment with a rate reduction, debt consolidation, shorter term, etc.

It’s our mission to sit down with our clients, face to face, to make sure we accomplish the most important goals our clients have through the financing of their homes.

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Jeffrey Seeback
Senior Loan Officer
(616) 200-7877
NMLS #128907

Jeff has enjoyed working in the financial industry for many years. Helping clients find the best program, that fits their specific needs. With all the loan programs out there, Conventional, Fha, Rural Development and VA, he has a certain special place in his heart For Military Veterans. Being a US Marine Corps Veteran Himself, He says “I take personal pride in helping other Veterans Navigate the VA system. They served our Country now I get the chance to serve them.”

His knowledge of the Mortgage industry and dedication to his clients are Top Notch.

He is a devoted Husband, Father and Grandfather to 10 grandchildren and counting as he says. Spending quality time with them, and perhaps a bit of Hunting and fishing from time to time, is one of the best pleasures in life.

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